Sunday, April 28, 2019

What is a true leadership looks like

As my #RoadToVA continues, I experienced a very disappointing situation that makes me ask what true leadership is.

What happen is that I applied to a company where I will be trained first as an Online Consultant. In the training I met a fellow Filipina who is also determined to pass the training and start working with them. At first, the Trainor/Manager is really nice and informative about the company and our job but afterwards she didn't really trained us instead she just gave us material to read which is long and totally out of our league since it's all about plastic surgery. So she gave us the material that we need to study (memorize) for three hours and that is 5 topics with no explanation of the procedure. So we study and watch the procedure as we also searching for the words that we don't know. After 3 hours, She will call us and the exam happens which is we will be typing the information in detailed which doesn't makes sense to us because the way we understand it we have time to write down the details so we don't need to memorize it. I let it pass thinking that this is just a challenge for us and I'am willing to pass it so I study so hard for the next days until one day in our exam I made one mistake and she is so disappointed that she made me look like I'am not taking it seriously (what happens to all the right thing I did in the previous days?) one mistake and she seems like she wanted to fire me. So, for the next couple of days while taking a rest from studying, A question keeps bugging me. Is this the type of boss that I want? and a clear no is my answer. So I decided to quit even though I want the job.

For me, A good leader/boss is a vital part in making an employee stay in the job. A leader that will lift you to make you grow in your career and to do your job well.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019



What is Virtual Assistant? I came across this a few years ago when I'am looking for a home-based job and it really catch my attention. I feel like I can do it but I lack the skill that they're looking for so I end up not getting in when I applied. This year I've been so serious into really having a job at home so I end up applying non-stop everyday and with God's grace I came across with the virtual assistant course in Facebook. I enrolled in it (that's how serious I'am in getting a work as a virtual assistant) I will start on May 5 but as early as second week of April I've been doing some readings about it I also watch YouTube videos about it. It's basically an administrative support virtually and I think the skill that I lack is the marketing side of it since mostly of the client requires a VA to post a content to market something and creativity like editing a photo or a video. I really want to blog everything about my journey to being a virtual assistant so I will keep you guys posted about it. I pray that I will learn everything I need to achieve my goal.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Parents Birthday

My husband's parents' birthday is right around summer time (March 9 and 10) so we take this opportunity to go out of town and spend our annual summer bonding. mind you, it's not easy to organize this out of town with 13 families in the family. 13 because all of my husbands sibling is 12 plus him that's equal to 13. If you will include their partners that's 26 plus the parents 28 so there are 28 adults already. the grandchildren? I have no idea how many are they but the last time they count it there are 30 plus. So imagine organizing an out of town trip with a big family. Anyway good thing my sisters started planning it as early as December. They decided to go to Zambales this year.

The resort we chose is called Jash Resort. It is good for budget travellers like us we got the big cottage worth 7000 pesos with 3 free tents. it is near in the ocean which we like. The lady in the resort is very accommodating as well as the other staff but the minus point is that the fee for cooking is too much it costs 1000 pesos. What I also like about the resort is that there are stores inside so if you run out paper plates and plastic spoon and forks you can buy them there.

Here are some of our picture:

Sunday, February 24, 2019


it's a new day today!
another day to conquer, another day for a fresh start.

Everyday when I wake up I always look at my planner so I could see what task am I doing today. And sometimes I write first what needs to be done and then throughout the day when I finish a task I use a marker to highlight it.

if my morning is not busy I usually do my devotion. but most of the time I do this in the afternoon because I have a lot of spare time in the afternoon. but I plan on switching it in the morning because I feel more energized throughout the day if I start my devotion in the morning.

in the afternoon, I usually read a book about improving myself. I don't know why but this kind of book always catch my attention but this particular book changed my life (I will have a separate blog about it.) I end up doing the steps in this book.

this three routine will never be out of my routine because they are very important for me. I'am a housewife so I have a lot of household task that I need to finish everyday as I refuse to hire a house helper, but so far this routine works for me as it fuels my spirit and my mind of a positive aura.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


How do you speak to yourself? Honestly, people will thought that I am insane if I ask them this question, but if you will realize its importance I bet you will be speaking with yourself a lot.

Speaking with yourseld doesn't mean that you must be in front of the mirror, talking out loud, now that is really insane. What I meant was how will you tell yourself to handle something that is a better version of you. Example you have a lot of work to do, so instead of using "I should" you can use "I want" by doing this you will notice a change in your spirit you will not feel obligated instead you will feel enthusiasm to finish it.

I learn this in reading the book REINVENTING YOURSELF by Steve Chandler. This book is really helpful because at every point in our lives we can always reinvent something for ourselves for the better. He has a ways on how we can be an "owner" instead of a "victim". It will take a lot of time and practice in doing his steps but I believe that it will be worth it because I already started doing it to myself. That is why I recommend this book to everyone who wish to be the person they've always wanted to be.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My relationship with God

I grew up attending a christian school, where we had a subject about God. We even study the bible but when I reach college I somehow forget about it or I was just too busy with my life that I didn't make time with God. I regretted it. Because I feel incomplete, wicked and no purpose in life as I fall out of my relationship with him.

Until recently, its like God knocked on me. Because my husband and I have been trying to conceive for months now but its still negative. This gave me an urge to talk to him again and build my faith again.

I started 2019 with a resolution that in a day I will spend a quiet time with him, learning the bible and his holy words. I may have a long way ahead but I plan to continue my devotion because I notice that after my devotion time I feel positive, overwhelmed, and in good spirit for the rest of the day.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

2019 Life Organization

It's a new year! Nee beginning and ofcourse new planner!
Im so excited for this planner. I ordered this on the 3rd week of december last year and it just arrived last friday due to holidays shipping is delayed. Anyway Im still in love with it. The Design Your Life planner is by cns design I ordered it thru instagram (@jyl.project) the staff is accomodating and nice.

Flipping thru the pages, I realized that this planner is really perfect for me. It has Goals, events, lists, last month's, key and most important is cash flow.

I want my life to be organize that Im not forgetting my last visit to the doctor, bills due date and expenses. The planner also has enough space to write my to do lists for the day.

Im sorry if my planner has not a lot going on in it. I'd like to keep it simple. Here is the overview of my week.